Wednesday, April 23, 2014

fighting a battle

song pair: Against the Wind by Bob Seger

this morning i went on a long run. on my 7 mile route there is a very steep hill, the type of hill that slows a runner way down. you must pick up your feet and raise your knees, sometimes gasping for air. i was against the wind and the gusts were strong. during my long strides and perseverance, i realized this physical feeling of pushing hard while the wind was against a reflection of how my infertility has felt through the years. the sun was shining. it was a clear day. the birds were chirping. cars were buzzing by. everything around me was functioning at a normal level, but i was struggling. i was fighting a battle. i knew if i continued to feel and acknowledge the pain, there would come a moment of accomplishment and relief. when i reached the top of that hill today, i felt good. i smiled. i felt stronger. i am stronger.
i do the very best i can with this trial in my life. i am thankful my partner is my closest confidant. this adversity has made our marriage rock solid.

this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. i am at a place where i can say i am grateful infertility has touched my life. it has been hard as hell. i have been able to embrace weakness and exercise strength because of it. i work daily to handle it with grace.


Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

You and B are so graceful and amazing through this process! I am so inspired by your continued strength and courage through it all. xoxoxo

cddittmer said...

You are amazing xo

gosara said...

Love you guys! Just now reading this post and want to come over and hug you :)

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