Wednesday, March 26, 2014

three friends in three days

song pair: With A Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

when a place and the people inside of it bring you to tears, you can be certain there is rich history within.
i spent an incredible, whirlwind weekend in Chicago that dug deep into my spirit.

i arrived to the city Thursday early afternoon. i dropped my luggage at southern gent's hotel and began strolling the streets of the windy city. it was brisk and bustling.

southern gent met up with me and we shuffled over to a lunch spot. one of my favorite bloggers lives in chicago and she recommended Bar Toma for an afternoon bite. it was lovely and quaint and delicious.

we spent the afternoon hopping in and out of shops with clear senses.

the evening was spent at Jellyfish. we met my college roommate Karie, and her guy Steve. 

we sipped a nightcap at Tavern on Rush and spotted a local celebrity. 
Mikey from The Bachlorette was kind enough to snap a photo with me. what a hunk. 

i smooched goodbye to southern gent and headed to Karie's home. she convinced me a soak in the hot tub was a good idea. it was. but the 3am bedtime was not.

Karie and Steve are sports fanatics. Their home reflects this passion. 

the following evening was the hockey game that sparked my plane ticket purchase in the first place. i met my girls at the arena and we cheered all night long. not always for the same team, but fortunately our friendships are unconditional. 

after the game, I rode to Gwen's home and spent 24 hours with her crew of four.  
Gwen's husband Eric has a passion for hunting. this vegetarian was a little worried about the impact such a house might have on her. to say i was pleasantly surprised, is an understatement. the taxidermy was beautiful. yes, that was once a real elephant.  

Saturday afternoon, Gwen dropped me at Nicole's home. I spent the remaining 24 hours with Nicole's crew of five. The Kaplan crew has a passion for parties. Their basement was my favorite part.

as I was packing my things Sunday late morning, i was overcome with emotion. i cried while drying my hair.
i cried on the drive to the airport. i cried in the security line. i cried in the bathroom stall for awhile. they were happy tears. they were proud tears. they were gratitude tears. a few were probably tears of sorrow. to see my friends with their children was heart-stopping. the girls i spent my adolescent years with are all grown up. i don't feel as grown up as they are. but then they don't really seem that grown up either. but their kids are growing up and they are executing parenting like champs. i was impressed and awe-inspired. i felt at home in each of their homes because they love me back. Connecting with important friends is the essence of my life. 


Sally S. said...

I almost cried because you have such a way with words and photos. I appreciate you sharing moments of life with all of us. Reading a post from you never fails to inspire me. Thank you Lizzie! We fondly remember your impact when we were in Barrington and you were 8 years old and my absolute lifeline at a very busy but wonderful time of life. As I look back on those times, it was pretty obvious that your future career would be in a helping profession, and you would become the incredible/strong/kind/inspiring woman that you are!

Liz said...

thank you Sal! those days stand out in my mind too. i was the first person you told you were pregnant with Patrick. i vividly remember that, wow! so special :)

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