Sunday, March 30, 2014

inside these walls

song pair: Our House by Crosby Stills, Nash & Young

today marks southern gent and my second anniversary in our home. here was the first anniversary post. and a post from the weekend we moved in. it was like a dream.

watch how a space can transform when love enters...

i have never been so attached to a space. i used to look forward to the next move. i moved 6 times in 8 years, in my 20's. i enjoyed renting interesting places in different Denver neighborhoods. about the time i starting settling, it was time to pack up again. i didn't plant roots. but now i am settled and it's an optimal feeling. i don't want to budge.
adding design elements to our home has been an absolute joy, but the real significance and fundamental ingredient has been found in the people who have been inside this house. the people who surround our home and visit us here have brought it to life. here is a recap of the faces who have delivered zeal to the soul of our home.

love lives here. it has soaked into the foundation and will always exist inside these walls. if you haven't invited people over in awhile, trust me on this one. good people leave an incredible buzz that never ceases. share your space. it's something i have learned and plan to carry forward. 


Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

Your home is awesome! I know you're proud of it!

gosara said...

I'm voting you in charge of creating our neighborhood scrap book! Such a great post! I can't believe it's been two years! :)

Liz said...

:)thank u ladies! you have both contributed to the bright light we feel in our home.

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