Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a girl and her camera

song pair: Happy by Pharrell Williams

you can often find me documenting something. not to the extent of lacking presence. i just have this intrinsic
desire to narrate my life through photos. it usually entails my iphone snapping away. here i am in my downtown office. a wildly happy place for me.

below is mine and southern gent's home. the happiest of my places. oh and my new camera. Nellie the Nikon. insert smile. the man who sold it to me mentioned there would be a 2 month learning curve to understand this new tool. i think a camera class is in my near future. for now i am shooting in auto and images are often blurred. how is the iphone that much clearer? there must be a setting i can change, but the device is so complex. it will be nice to be on the other side of this learning curve. but until then, i will soak in new knowledge and become informed. i love to learn and life offers daily teachings. i will not become stagnant. wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

VERY COOL PHOTOS Lizzie.......always an adventure, and that is a wonderful thing....xoxox !

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