Monday, February 3, 2014

when life gives us lemons...

sing pairing: Lemon Tree by Peter Paul & Mary

we should embrace them!

we've got lemons! well at least the start of a few. this one is in the lead. it has required some tender loving care, including some recent fruit-safe fertilizing. it seems that as soon as I brought LuluLemon Tree indoors, all of the activity commenced. first she flowered and now she's fruiting. i spray her leaves with h2o, to simulate the tropics i guess. she sits in a window in my home office. a Meyer Lemon Tree she is. i found her at Logan Trading Company. i also frequent Atlantic Avenue to find my plant friends. it will be a delicious reward when we can squeeze some citrus into our soda water or make sweet lemonade this summer. There are so many gifts in this life. It just depends what direction you are looking. 

When we think too far ahead, we feel anxious
When we think too far behind, we feel down
Be present. Enjoy the now.


gosara said...

Ahh! So exciting! I'll be contacting you soon for tips of the lemon trade. I asked my Dad for a lime tree next time he orders out of Fla. :) Maybe our trees can be friends?

Liz said...

my tree needs a friend, this is good timing! :)

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