Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympic Break!

every year, around this time, southern gent has a break. typically it's an All-Star Break. every four years it's an Olympic Break. it's a sweet 'time-out' from his usual frenzied schedule. the beginning of the year is a busy time for my private practice, and a strange time to pause for a vacation. Nonetheless, I savor the opportunity to enjoy some R&R with my one and only. it's such a joy to see southern gent rest and relax. his daily grind entails so much planning, orchestrating and timelines. on vacation we plan a few things, but mostly let the mood take us wherever it may.

in 2009 we rendezvoused in Cancun

in 2010 we danced over to Costa Rica

in 2011 the 58th Annual All-Star Game was in Raleigh. we stayed close to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the festivities.

in 2012 we breezed over to Grand Cayman

in 2013 the NHL experienced a lock out. we skipped a vacation that season.

needless to say, this year we were itching for our traditional getaway.
last week we hopped down to Key Biscayne. this little island (not even labeled on the map) is tucked right under Miami. it was a 20 minute cab ride to South Beach. we even rented a convertible one morning and cruised all the way down to Key West (3.5 hours), to visit Virginia, Camillia and Damien's new home! notice the seven mile bridge. that's a lot of bridge.

 it's safe to say we ate and drank our way through the wondrous week:

and then there was Key West

their home rests on the waterway. fruit trees and a pool live right outside the door. it's heaven really.

hanging with the locals is the only way to go

seeing my friend again gave me a sense of peaceful bliss.

and that little girl Cammie.

brunch the next day was the most perfect savory crepe

we returned to Key Biscayne just in time for Valentine's Day.

this trip was all the things we needed.

without scheduled rest, my world tends to become so active that I reach a place of cognitive overload. when this occurs, I cease the desire to learn. halfway through this retreat, I rediscovered my hunger for knowledge. I found myself watching TED Talks and asking lots of questions of strangers around me. I began craving information again. my patience extended. I slowed down. I noticed the beauty around me. and that is how I intend to live my life. sometimes it takes a good break to mentally detox and make room for all the things life has to teach us. 

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