Tuesday, January 28, 2014

tween room update

song pairing: Feel This Moment by Christina Aguilera and Pitbull

My niece Emily is growing up right before my eyes. It is incredible to watch her evolve. At almost 12 years old, she is developing into a mature young lady. She recently told me about a desire to update her room. She was tiring of the rainbow theme, and wanted something a bit more sophisticated. Her parents were replacing her bed with her choice of a futon style bunk. I suddenly had the urge to help enhance these new digs. We scheduled a shopping trip. We began the day at Starbucks, ordering two hot chocolates. Shopping is more fun with a mermaid cup in hand. We perused every aisle, studying bed spreads and throw pillows. She embraced this teaching moment, learning a few new design terms. Emily decided on the color scheme of black and white. I thought it was a very wise and neutral palate. Her accent color was red. spicy! We found the last black futon cover, after a lengthy search. She elevated her sleeping quarters with some ultra soft jersey sheets and a fluffy bedspread. She found a soft gray throw to cuddle up on the futon while studying or hanging out with friends. She added bling-y pillows to decorate the space. A geometric lamp & fabric cork board were fun upgrades to this girl zone. No little brothers allowed ; )

I was incredibly impressed with her thoughtfulness during our shopping trip. She was mindful about creating a useful space. She was appreciative and excited about the project. It was one of my very favorite days, with one of my very favorite people. 

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