Friday, January 3, 2014

top thirteen list

i have compiled a list of my top thirteen best days in 2013.

13. zombie mud run

12. trolley pub

11. professional trip to Alabama

10. taylor swift concert

9. family gathered for Papa's last days

8. polar express party w Santa

7. adventures on the gorge

6. the colliseum

5. austin, TX

4. reconnecting with gwen

3. charleston, SC

2. disney

and the #1 best days of 2013 were celebrating three special birthdays:

a birthday at the beach

a birthday in the city

and a birthday closest to home

Thank you 2013. It was a tremendous year full of love and togetherness. In 2014 I plan to continue the momentum that has been ignited. I plan to gather with more people this year. I want to entertain more. I want to go on a spiritual journey somewhere brand new. I want to host a brunch. I want to throw a Valentine making party. I want to have friends over for dinner. I want to volunteer with my friend Julie. I want to get a more rugged vehicle I can take my dogs in. I want my business to continue booming. I want to explore even more career opportunities. I want to challenge my clients to live a full life.

::wow, life is so invigorating. now let's get out there and live it::


Julie Livingston said...

Looks like lots of happy and fun times!!!

Rachel said...

Happy New Year!

Máirín Maureen said...

Great list! Can't wait to see all the wonderful things 2014 has in store for you!

Christy Z said...

Great idea to help you meet 2 of your goals (entertain more and have people over)...the 25th! Potluck at your house..we all bring food and drink, you host. :)

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

I think Christy is on to something there...:) Looks like it was a great year, overall!

gosara said...

Love this list!! Happy times! :)

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