Wednesday, January 8, 2014

still a little behind

song pairing: Counting Stars by One Republic

I have a confession to make: I haven't taken down my Christmas tree. But wait, there are valid reasons.
A. I am hosting our Private Practice Christmas Party this weekend, yay! 
B. I want to disassemble it with my southern gent and he's stranded in New York. 

As much as I would rather have him home with me, I think I was hand-crafted to have a traveling husband. I do really well with all of my alone time. I don't switch on the tv when he's gone. I stay late at work, relish in take-out food, sometimes concoct a dinner, shop online, sit by the fireplace, read, surf the internet, make a long distance call, write a blog post, listen to my snoring dogs...
Let's face it, my full-time gig is talking non stop with people all day long about intensely deep thoughts and feelings. I am more of an introvert than I am an extrovert. I know that might surprise a few of you, but it's true. I derive my energy from being solo. Bored and lonely are feelings I can't relate with. I will say, however, one of the biggest challenges of my life was camping alone for three days. I was on staff at a Wilderness Treatment Program and the adolescents in treatment had to spend days at lone camp. This meant staff had to partake as well. Being lost in our own thoughts can feel very vulnerable, but I believe it's an important skill to practice.

Not sure how I got off track, back to the Christmas tree! I am also a little behind because there are a few pictures I haven't yet shared from the holiday festivities. So here goes...and then I promise to dismantle the tree and jump back to reality really soon! 

happy Christmas Eve!

late night adult fun

joy = watching Gram open her gifts

uncle B helps the little guys

me and my little bro

lilly and her little lilly

one of my favorite gifts this year, a kitchen aide mixer from Ohio. thank you dad!

a new Christmas Day tradition....a movie date with southern gent & lots of snacks!


Christy Z said...

I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer for Christmas too!! Total surprise from the Z's. So excited to make stuff (mostly chocolate stuff...ha). We'll have to swap recipes.

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

Yay!!! You got the mixer!!! ;)

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