Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Brave by Sara Bareilles

My parents enrolled my nephew Keegan in skating lessons. Since I grew up on the ice, I have given him a couple pointers recently. Being a part of a child's development is so important to me. Come join us at the Polar Ice House sometime! He's my skater bug.

Are you hip to the newest dry bar craze? Raleigh is joining the trend. Raleigh Blow Dry Bar was scheduled to open but has been held up due to construction delays. But the good news is, they are traveling to homes in the meantime. I have two bookings scheduled in February because it happens to be a super busy month for events. First Casino Night and then The Triangle Wine Experience. I love getting dressed up and wearing my hair in a completely different fashion than my everyday look.
I have narrowed my options to: big & full, up-do or top-knot

It snowed this week! I have decided that snow is a must. It's necessary. From growing up in the midwest, attending college in Iowa & living in Colorado for 8 years, I crave the stuff. It brings me so much happiness to experience a snowfall. It's a huge breath of fresh air. Once a year is ample to soothe my craving.

Several of my clients are doing incredible work these days. So I celebrated, in their honor, with a cupcake and some wine. Perched at my dining room table, naturally. I treat brave people who want to improve their lives. I admire them. When they achieve greatness, I feel this enormous sense of fulfillment for them. I don't take credit for their courage, but I do want big things for each and every one of them. Maybe in a convoluted way, this is what parenting feels like. I can't do the work for them, but I can guide and encourage and challenge. I cheer for them loudly and silently while they question themselves and others in this life. I walk beside them while they make decisions and change patterns. I help them discover old habits that must be broken in order to move forward. I can't imagine tiring of the life stories that are entrusted in me. I love my life's work.

and then I found this quote and it hit home 

On a silly note, I attended a shopping party the other night and came home with 'his and hers' sleeping masks. We are kind of ridiculous about sleeping in. Because my client schedule starts late, I have been prone to snoozing until 10am. Do you think southern gent will wear his? 

I wore mine last night!

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