Wednesday, January 15, 2014

my view

Because southern gent travels so much, we have to be diligent and creative to stay close and connected. When we lived across the country from one another, he would often send me postcards from the different cities he was in. I always loved receiving those notes. I knew it was an extra effort to buy, stamp and send them. It always feels good to know you are thought about.
Recently, we have started what we call 'my view'. Whenever it sparks either of us, we text a quick snapshot of whatever we are currently viewing. He has sent me cityscapes of wonderful places he's visiting. He will randomly send an image of a hockey rink he is in. He views the game from the tallest part of the building, so his views are phenomenal. We don't do this to 'check up' on one another. We have never requested a view of the other. That would change the idea of the practice. We send them sparingly and just to let the other know they are always in our thoughts and heart.

Here are a couple views I have sent in recent weeks:

new years day, eating lentils and drinking champagne with my parents. an irish tradition.

a rainy, evening run

my office, preparing for a day full of clients

a scrumptious breakfast. yes, i like buttered toast!

When experts say 'relationships take work,' some believe this means hard labor. 
Make the work fun & inventive and your relationship will reflect both. 

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Anonymous said...

You are the perfect match!!!!

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