Monday, January 13, 2014

duncan's day!

song pairing: I Can Be Your Friend by Veggie Tales

three years ago, southern gent and I became godparents. we love being this little boys godparents. during the ceremony, the pastor said this date was equally as important as a birthday or any other holiday. we intend to celebrate it every single year. we have chosen outings to share lunch or dinner. we always commemorate it with a special little gift. Veggie Tales are kid appropriate, educationally based, religious characters. 
Movies, books, stuffed animals always go over swimmingly. last year the theme was Bob the Tomato. This year we went with Larry the Cucumber. January 9th is one of our favorite days of the year!




 He's growing up into quite the young man. We are so honored to be a special part of his life! 

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Anonymous said...

Love that sweet little guy!!!

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