Monday, January 20, 2014

dining room guests

Eat It by Weird Al

I made a commitment to entertain, around the dining table, once a month. I am ahead of the game, twice in January. booyah!

I started with my favorite girls. When you get therapists around a table, the conversation ranges from authentic ----> dirty! Eve cooked delicious Indian cuisine for us. I kept the martinis flowing. We spent a couple hours around that table. What a way to start my mission surrounding a table.

Next up was mine and southern gent's parents! This time, my dad barbecued shrimp for us. We kept the wine glasses full. Well, in the picture they are empty. slackers. We are so fortunate to have our parents close by. They enhance our lives. We are grateful to have family who feel like friends. 

Maybe the next time I entertain I should do some of the cooking. Maybe. 

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