Sunday, December 8, 2013

Throw back to Thanksgiving

song pairing: Amazing Grace by Carrie Underwood

We were full of gratitude this Thanksgiving.
My sis-in-laws hostessed wonderful dinners and we made our way to each.

I wanted to contribute more than just mac n' cheese and whipped sweet potatoes, so I curated a few little signs for place settings and food id. 

Prayer and Thanksgiving have evolved for me. Both are not exactly about 'wants' anymore. They are about acceptance. These days I do not pray for what I want, I pray for the strength to endure whatever outcome or obstacle I am granted. I am thankful for it all. Life is such a lesson. I am in the thick of it and loving the challenges, big and small. Let's not compare our lives to others. Let's just live and love with compassion. Our spirits are strong and we cannot allow anything to break them. 

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