Sunday, December 1, 2013

moving forward

song pairing: Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root

This week a dream comes true. Since 2001 I have been working relentlessly to realize a goal. My close friend Virginia & I often talk about the grunt work that built character in our careers. The Mental Health & Wellness field is home to me. It's simply where I belong. 
Many years ago I spoke about having a private practice, but I don't know that I believed my own words. For three years I have been in a group practice and also in a second office, on my own. The group practice thrived from the beginning. In my own space, I broke even. If I saw a handful of clients a month, I was happy. My friend Grayson told me it would take 3 full years to build a successful practice of my own. I listened closely and stayed the course. I networked and marketed with referring professionals. I was steadfast and patient, as it slowly grew. Clients started streaming in and by year two I doubled my income. Word of mouth and loyal physicians continued the trend and some weeks I had a wait list. 
The third year has arrived and my practice is where I want it to be. I said goodbye to my group practice last week. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with my colleagues there. It was a comfortable stepping stone towards my dream. But I know it's important for me to leave my comfort zone as often as possible, because the magic exists on the outskirts of comfort. It's time to fly and I am looking ahead with a sparkle in my eye. It feels good. 


Christy Z said...

Congrats friend! Best wishes on your (sort of ) new adventure! How exciting!! :)

CWilson said...

Congrats!! Your clients are so lucky you have you!

gosara said...

Oh Congrats!! Exciting news! So happy for you :) Let's grab a celebratory cocktail in the 'hood soon :)

Liz said...

thank you friends!! xo

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