Tuesday, December 31, 2013

hello 2014

song pairing: Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line 

well hello 2014. i am ready for you. i can feel your energy, it's going to be another good year. and you know what? every year is a good year as long as there is growth. sometimes growth comes from pain. life contains pain. as long as we are moving forward, though, we are engaged in life. we don't have control over all of our goals. not all of our dreams come true, and that's ok. life carries on. it has to. we can choose to stand still, but life doesn't do that.
i don't have any poignant resolutions yet. i do know that the heartbreak southern gent & I felt recently has inspired us to love more. i find myself being gentler with those around me. i have always felt like a kind person, but i want to be even more graceful. and open. i want to be more open about life's little struggles.
i renewed my passport picture today. you aren't supposed to smile, but I squeaked one in.

the 10 year difference is astounding to me. life is happening.right.now!

stay tuned for a review of 2013, as well as a few resolutions. 
Happy New Year. 
::Exude that inner beauty::

"Happy Girls are the Prettiest"  
                -Audrey Hepburn


Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

Happy New Year! xoxoxo

Lexie Allen said...

Getting caught up on the blog, loving as always :) Happy New Year to you both!! xxoo

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