Monday, November 11, 2013

q & a

song pairing: Who Are You by The Who

A few bloggers have been participating in a q & a, around the web. I decided to partake, why not.

Q: What is your dream job?
A: My dream job is to have the private practice I have today. It is everything I ever dreamed it would be. I also would love to teach a Psychology course. That's next on my list. If you want something, career wise, just go get it.

Q: Favorite city in the US?
A: Chicago or New York. The hustle and bustle energizes me. I am most certainly a city girl. I love the street food. I love the honking horns. I love the coffee shops. I love the towering buildings. I love the business men and women. Here I am a couple years ago, in the Big Apple. What was the deal with my eyebrows? whoa.

Q: Favorite artist?
A: My favorite art form is language. A collection of words is harmony to me. I am enthralled with how people put words together in everyday sentences, in speeches & to music. There are hundreds of quotes that have changed my perspective, in an instant.


Q: Do you collect anything?
A: I collect gingerbread houses. The ones that are crafted to look authentic. It's a small collection because they are rare. My grandmother recently gifted me the most gorgeous gingerbread house wristlet. It was a welcome addition to my collection.

Q: Go-to nail polish color?
A: My finger nails are almost always natural, no polish at all. My toes always have a funky color. I am adventurous with the hue. I will choose greens, blues, purples. I always like the color of the person sitting next to me, better than my own.

Q: Book you recently read and loved?
A: A book that recently changed my perspective is Your Dog is Your Mirror. Think about it, however your dog behaves is a mirror of your emotional capacity. I wish I could ask the author what it means that our bulldog is aggressive on the leash but spends the rest of his time resting and being cute. hmmmm.


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