Thursday, November 28, 2013


song pairing: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Last weekend, my furry bestie & I piled into the car and road tripped to Tiffany's home in Pinehurst.

She welcomed us warmly.

This was my fourth annual Pinehurst visit.  
Friday night we treated ourselves to a savory meal and ambrosial martinis at Ironwood. Dessert was from Di'Lishi

Saturday morning, we slept in. It's a special occasion when Marty sleeps in the bed with me. 
He sees the best in me. 

We fed our souls at the Villager Deli. I should go out to breakfast more. It's really a thrill. 
Quiche and cheese grits galore. 

We spent the remainder of the day at the Spa, relaxing, refreshing and recharging. 

Thank you Tiffany. It's always a pleasure to spend time, with you, in your charming little town. 

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Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said... was my pleasure you have you here in Pinehurst along with my little Marty man. You guys are welcome anytime! xoxoxo

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