Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a sense of control

song pairing: Hall of Fame by The Script

when things around me feel uncertain, my coping mechanisms kick in.

I run

 I shop

 I enhance my surroundings (new twinkle lights)

I explore new restaurants with my southern gent (brie and salmon pizza)

it's important to be aware of what we have control over. there are certainly areas of life that remain out of our control.
re gain a sense of control by paying attention to the choices in daily life.

find out what makes you come alive and do more of that!


gosara said...

Love those booties! I'll have to get you to tell me where they're from! And how was the new restaurant? Is that here? Looks yummy! Brie + Pizza sounds AMAZING!

lovely liz said...

hey gosara!
the boots are so fun.
here is the link to a pair:

and Piola is in North Hills, so tasty!!

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