Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my dad's birthday!

Traveling to Ohio has changed over the years. In my adult years, I choose to visit. As a homesick-type-of-child, it was emotional to visit. My dad and I smile about it now, but it was no smiling matter back then. Thank goodness human beings evolve. Thank goodness relationships are forgiving with maturation. These days our visits include laughter, lots of conversation & usually an adventure.
Last weekend my dad turned 70! I knew I couldn't miss this momentous occasion. A trip was promptly scheduled.
Below are the series of events in our 48 hours together:

Pizza at Sammy K's

 Great Lakes Brewery Tour

West Side Market

A Tribe Game

Chris caught a foul ball

Awe inspiring fireworks, set to U2 tunes

East 4th Street shenanigans, french fries & martinis!

Family Love

me & dad

All relationships are a work in progress. Be present for them. 
Time doesn't slow down. Spend your days nurturing those around you.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

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