Sunday, August 11, 2013

island life

The fourth and final beach week has been achieved. People often ask what my favorite beach is. I have finally drawn the conclusion that Topsail Beach is my #1. The last couple summers have been spent at Topsail. We just adore the south end. The house my dad rents is in the absolute perfect location. A walk down the sidewalk brings a collection of small businesses. Patio Playground (mini golf, arcade, ice cream), a terrific coffee shop/book store, a surf shop and grille, a local bar. Our home for the week rests directly on the beach.

Mon-Thurs was only adults. It was relaxing and fantastic. Every morning southern gent and I went on a jog, the best way to start a day. We paddleboarded daily. Even tried the board in the ocean. Quite exhilarating. 




Another afternoon we rented three boards and took a trip down the sound--we spotted jelly fish and explored inlets, just daydreaming. 

I like to be lazy at the beach. I rarely wear make-up or dress well. I do all that at home. 
Just throw on sunglasses, that's polished enough. 
We all need a break from the day-to-day. I used to bring cute clothes on beach weeks, but I stopped doing that. I don't want to try. Dinners are spent in yoga pants and t-shirts.
Here we are making bang bang shrimp

I do, however, love going out to lunch at the beach. Flip flops, crabcakes and cole slaw? yes, please. 

Thursday, the rest of the troops showed up! Happy faces and wonderful energy!

We played and splashed and laughed and danced. 

No family is without flaw. The real joy comes when you reconfigure expectations and find acceptance. Families evolve and change. Flow with them, just like the waves in the ocean.


Christy Z said...

Looks like great fun...I'm jealous a little! Next year we're coming...adopt us! Great closing thought too! :)

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

Love the family paddleboard love! Looks like it has been a great summer! You guys deserve it!

Liz said...

thank you girls! xo

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