Friday, July 26, 2013

my photo wall

I have been slowly and strategically working on my home office photo wall. I ordered a frame set that was on back order for a couple months. Great price, thank you West Elm! They were worth the wait. West Elm actually sent an extra frame. Usually I would send it back, but since it took several months I wonder if the extra is a thank-you-for-being-patient gift.

I traced each frame onto a paper roll I had laying around (I use the paper roll to make southern gent's welcome home sign--every time he returns from a trip!)
This was helpful in the process of deciding frame placement on the wall.
I have one more print awaiting arrival--and the frames will be hung & complete!

From the left 
1. ONLY happy thoughts. I love the gold. I am inspired by the sentiment. (coming soon!)
2. me and my mom. Corona commerical tradition. We are about to shoot our 5th annual.
3. A Kate Spade quote. 'She is quick and curious and playful and strong' All things I strive to be!
4. me and my little brother on my wedding day. One of my all-time favorite pics! He was my man of honor.
5. this lil piglet. I would love a tea cup pig as a pet. But instead I will opt for this adorable print. 

It was a thoughtful process to compile this group of images. 
I am so pleased with the outcome! 

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