Wednesday, July 3, 2013

girls beach weekend

My tour' de beaches continued last weekend in Morehead City!
Our first stop was the beach club. We enjoyed a fantastic lunch and a couple cocktails!

Friendships can be our most enduring and important relationships. We choose our friends on a conscious level. Friends can be an extension of the nuclear family. There is a great need in most of us to share life experiences with others. Not only do we learn more about others when we engage in friendship, but we can also learn more about ourselves. These relationships are mirrors of our self-worth and esteem. They afford us the perfect opportunity to look at ourselves, and the areas where we might need to grow. -unknown

Having friends who are fellow therapists is a whole different level of insight into life!

This was our boat captain. 
He said we are a group of strong and self sufficient women.
He knows his stuff.

Yes, I hoola hooped before dinner!

Five fierce women who take a bite out of life!

We laughed. We had engaging conversations. We ate well. We drank well. 
We accepted one another exactly where we are. 
Shouldn't life always be that simple?

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Christine D said...

Well done Kate - love it!

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