Tuesday, June 25, 2013

slowing down

Water, honey & lozenges have been staples in my diet the last couple days. 
A therapist's worst nightmare happened, I lost my voice.
This has only happened a handful of times, it hit swiftly and knocked me off my feet. 
It's amazing how we take simple things for granted. 
Having no voice forced me to slow down. Clients were cancelled. I stayed home. That is a rarity. 
In 2 days, I have almost polished off a case of Aquafina. 
I hear it's best to keep my throat moist, I have never been more hydrated in my life.  

Prior to losing my voice, though, I sure was having fun...

mom and I took little Marty stand-up-paddleboarding
He was a champion on the water!

Our nephew, Asher, turned 1. Jenn threw a fabulous fiesta in his honor! 
Corona cupcakes and pinatas make the world go' round!

Crazy neighborhood adult pool party, fit with Jell-O shots and a band!

Lunch & coffee with some favorite friends!

Being forced to slow down is the only way I will. 
I am working on tuning into my body, and respecting it's physical needs.
In due time I will be out and about again! 
Until then, pass me another lozenge ;)

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