Tuesday, June 4, 2013

happy June!

Hey Friends!
Lots of things have been happenin' around here lately. A friend had gifted me a succulent terrarium for Christmas. I over watered it and then underwatered it, and it just couldn't take my inconsistency. So I said goodbye...and decided to try again! Succulents are everywhere right now. I picked up a few at our local nursey, along with instructions on crafting the little environment.

I chose some greens and went for a decorative cactus to add pazazz!

I recycled the hurricane glass from the previous terrarium. There are several varieties of domes, etc. Find one that suites your home best. Start with pebbles at the base. These aide in drainage. 

Add a couple inches of potting soil. Dig holes for the succulents, and plant those suckers!

Voila! A happy little home. Succulents thrive on neglect. They are able to retain water for weeks! One tip I didn't follow: if you choose a cactus, plant that guy last. I planted him first and got pricked a bunch of times. oops!

Now that summer is in full swing, dining al fresco is our preference! 
Lunch, dinner, drinks. You can find me outside!

Speaking of outside, our neighbors hosted a little outdoor movie. how fun is that?

Update on my Gram, she's doing just fine!
Turns out she's just as strong and wise and wonderful as we always knew she was. 

Make it a great week! xo

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