Tuesday, June 18, 2013

father's day foodies

Sunday we had a fun-tastic afternoon celebrating our dads

We began the day grubbing at Chuck's
Don't worry, they have a terrific veggie burger option. I was delighted! 

Chuck's also has a variety of dipping sauces for fries. My version of heaven. 

had a nice chat with my dad, in Ohio, too!

We then made our way to Southern gent's family celebration. We BBQ'd and ate gobs more. 
Tomato pie. corn on the cob. salmon. mixed greens. total deliciousness!

 it was a family-foodie kinda day. 

The reason I can rationalize all that chow...is because 99% of the time, I eat well
I almost always pack my lunch! Eating healthfully feeds my soul.

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