Tuesday, May 14, 2013

day 14, ten things

I have accepted a blog challenge! The quest is to write every day in May. There is a new topic daily. Check out all the topics here

Day 1: Story of my life in 250 words or less.
Day 9: A moment in your day (just a photo or a photo and words)
Day 10: Most embarrassing moment
Day 11: Sell yourself in 10 words or less
Day 12: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)
Day 13: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy
Simple moments make me happy. Here are the first few that come to mind:
10. when a client says 'exactly!' -or- 'I never thought of it that way'
9. my morning diet pepsi
8. a movie theatre with popcorn and candy
7. getting on an airplane
6. a festival
5. splurging on something pretty
4. runners high
3. evening walks w the dogs
2. driving around with my mom, listening to tunes
1. when southern gent agrees to one of my wild ideas!

Join me tomorrow for: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

1 comment:

Chanel Jibal said...

Getting on an airplane always signifies the beginning of vacation. I love it

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