Friday, May 10, 2013

day 10, embarrassing moment

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Day 9: A moment in your day (just a photo or a photo and words)

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment
I racked my brain for this one. I went all the way back to elementary school. I am certain I have something more recent than this, but maybe I blacked it out. 
I took piano lessons, growing up. My parents are musically inclined. Piano was their attempt with me, but I just wasn't a natural. Practicing was painful. I had lessons on Wednesday afternoons at a neighbors home. I participated in annual recitals. On what ended up being my last recital, I remember feeling hesitant. The type of hesitation that debilitates you. The kind where you pace around a lot. I had done recitals before; aimlessly walking on stage...playing my song...a quick curtsy...and strolling off stage. Ignorance was bliss. But I was at an age where I was becoming more self aware.  Some people have that ability to channel their nerves into positive energy. Not this girl. 
My instructor alerted me that it was time for me to enter the stage. I meandered onto the stage. I perched on the bench and set my music on the piano. I focused on the black and white keys that suddenly appeared to make little sense. The room was silent. I banged on the keys. The chord was wrong. I tried again. Wrong again. The sound was askew. I closed my book and bolted off stage. My saint-like family members were the only claps in a large audience. I am sure they were stunned. I was too. I told my mom, afterwards, that I would not be practicing piano anymore. She did not object. 
I can laugh about it now. Poor little girl!

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Awww... That is sad. That is a safe story to go with... Ha! ;)

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