Monday, April 22, 2013

Zombie Mud Run!

The Adventure Club got together for yet another wild ride! This adventure was messier than ever!
We coordinated pirate costumes (remember I got mine altered)....and ran around in the mud! Some of my previous 'fun runs' have been just that....a fun time, regardless of any real athletic ability. This one, however, was a real challenge. It was co-ed and there were injuries happening throughout (luckily not to our group). As we approached one of the obstacles that involved wrapping your arms & legs around a tall horizontal rope (upside down) and shimmying backwards several feet...I turned to my group and said with complete conviction,  "I cannot do this." They assured me I would be ok. So with wet, cold slippery hands & muddy, shaky legs I gave it my all...and did it. Followed by utter elation! It was an analogy of life. When we doubt ourselves, but try typically evokes a terrific feeling of accomplishment. We are only as strong as the healthy risks we are willing to take.

From start to finish, the run took 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Our photographer only captured a few of the obstacles. Here are some highlights:

pirates unite!

it was a chilly start to the day

the first obstacle, from afar

we waited in anticipation

and we were off!

the monkey bars were way too slick!

Oh, and the reason it's called a Zombie Run is there are zombies all along the route trying to grab your flags. Dodging them was a game. I had all of my flags until close to the end when they got snatched up.

a happy finish!

Cheers to making the best of this wild adventure we call LIFE! 

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Tags said...

You looked so cute!!! I told you to send me a pic on your last blog, but obviously I have plenty. Thank you :)

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