Sunday, April 28, 2013


Remember the pillows I spoke about? They arrived...and could not have been more wrong for my space. At first, I freaked....but then realized they might have a different purpose in our home. The guest room has been lacking. It has our old bed and duvet cover. The duvet is loud. I had a difficult time deciding which colors to accentuate, so I decided on The pillows work magically in here! It's a wild mix of patterns, but I love the look. I questioned myself at first, but then took this image to Furbish Studio...the goddesses of design said it was brilliant. So the verdict is in, guest room is happy!

And then I went shopping for the pillows I originally needed. I am having a love affair with pillows right now!
Check out my pillowscapes board on Pinterest.
I also repurposed these pillows here. A charming little touch!

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Tags said...

So creative!!! Is that guest room for Steve and me?... Polska style :) . I love how not matching is in. Makes life so much easier! Looks great <3

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