Sunday, April 21, 2013

finally made it in the world

In early March, I was invited to a luncheon sponsored by Bradford Health. The luncheon was at The Umstead in NC. It was an opportunity to gain knowledge of this inpatient substance abuse treatment facility. It is always helpful to learn about the cutting edge facilities, in hopes of guiding potential clients.
The presentation was thorough, as was the four course meal. Beforehand, I spoke with both the marketing representative and lead therapist. To my surprise, they contacted me soon after with an invitation to visit Bradford in Alabama! All expenses paid trip? Yes please! I quickly grabbed one of my favorite collegues, Grayson, to join me.

here we were on the plane ride to AL

we were blown away with the warm welcome

our new friends!

our whirlwind visit entailed:
a spa treatment

a tasty dinner at Seasons 52
If you have one near you, you must go. I find it fascinating that everything on the menu is under 500 calories. The fare was light and guilt-free
and our own peaceful hotel rooms

the tour was captivating. the setting is serene. the facility is nestled on 85 acres of beautiful woodland. See the tour here.

the staff was compassionate and very well versed in the field of substance abuse. it was impressive to see how they run the operation. they are known for servicing pharmacists, physicians and attorneys who become involved in the dependence of drugs and alcohol.

The experience was enlightening. Grayson and I were perfect travel buds. 
There are already talks of us returning to AL in July. 
It was an "I have made it." moment.   ::i have that feeling every now and again::

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Yay!!! So happy for you :) .

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