Monday, April 8, 2013


song pair: God Bless Texas by Little Texas 

Oh, Austin. We simply fell in love with your charm. You gave us exactly what we needed. A thrilling time, away from it all. Three full days of laughter, a little rest...and a new landscape. I once heard, 'travel is the only thing you can buy...and actually get richer.' I wholeheartedly believe that.
Austin is a place I have often heard and read about. I have wanted to experience it.
My mom and I planned the trip and executed the fun! Since I live under 10 miles from my would think I see her often. However, we are busy gals with demanding schedules {but we love what we do, hooray} so quality time is rare. Insert Austin!

These pancakes were epic. This breakfast spot comes highly recommended. 

The live music was endlessly mind blowing. So much talent. You can't help but dance a lot a little. 

Lots of things reminded me of my southern gent. He would have loved it too!

One of my favorite parts about travel, is immersing in the culture. 
We asked locals what to see and where to go. 
We also came prepared with a list, of our own, from friends who had once been. 

The food was incredible. I'm obsessed with food trucks. 
And I think Austin might be the food truck capitol of the world.

Every evening at dusk, thousands of bats fly out from this bridge. It was quite the sight to see. 

Austin was also a special destination because my dear friend Dana and her cute family reside there. 
It has been four years since we hugged. She had a brief stint in Denver when I was there. 
So much has happened since we saw each other last. It was a fun reunion! 
Her baby boy, Easton, is so lovable!

Thank you Austin. You sure know how to captivate a couple gals! 


Anonymous said...

Ready to plan our next adventure Lizzie. It was a whole lotta fun!! Love ya to bits!!!!!

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

Looks like it was a fun trip and you guys made a lot of memories.

Tags said...

Looks like it was a blast!!! YAYAYA!!!

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