Wednesday, March 27, 2013

support small biz!

I am a big fan of supporting small business! There are certainly some the Golden Arches (fries or sweet tea), the biggest coffee chain in the country (iced vanilla chai), the opposite of Burger Queen (veggie burgers). Maybe I am not that great about small biz. But I do try to support them when given the option. It's very cool to me that a few of my old classmates have small business' of their own. One owns a granola business in Vermont. Nutty Steph's Granola. I ordered up a bunch of grain goodies and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and flavor! I have written about the two Shauna's who are successful authors. I consider authoring books a small business too! The latest books from each are {here} and {here}. I own and have read all of their titles!
So recently I learned of another old pal who runs a small business, Mimi's Garden! She offers many products for outdoor life. My focus was immediately on the All Natural Dog Treats! There are a few gourmet dog bakeries in the area...but the chance to support Amy was preferable!

Our box arrived today!

 I was very impressed with the presentation, packaging, labels, ingredient lists and texture of the treats. The banana puffs are created with: brown rice, banana, white rice, flour, honey, almond and tapioca starch. She cooks them at home in her own oven! I love those personal touches! They smell delightful...the pups went bonkers for these morsels.

Her products are super affordable! Hooray for small business! 

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