Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish eyes were smiling

song pairing: Irish Folk Song by Celtic Woman

My St. Patty's weekend was full of love!
Friday was a night out with my mama, Oro style!

Saturday I took a short road trip to see family! 
My nephew Asher is a dreamy lil' stylish guy!
Jenn made brussel sprouts, crispy green beans & Stout mac n' cheese! 
I was in awe of her festive creativity!
We sipped Nutty Irish(wo)men.
equal parts: baileys/frangelico/kahlua

Sunday there were Jello-O shots with my moms at O'Malley's! 

I feel like a lucky lady! Happy St. Patrick's Day xo

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Tags said...

Happy Holidays!!! Cheers!!! Asher is so adorable!!! Looks like you had a super fun weekend... but how could we not... we are Irish! :)

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