Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Housiversary!

Song pair: Our House by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 

March 30th marks our one year anniversary of moving into our together home. Before the move, we lived in southern gent's home. He opened it up to me completely. We made some changes in kitchen tile and added a cute backsplash in the bathroom. It felt like ours. But I don't think I ever actually planted my roots. The house was 900 square feet with one bathroom. I think the physical proximity encouraged emotional intimacy and excellent problem solving skills. In fact, our home is three times the size now and we still prefer to be in the same room together.   

The only element that was stunted, in our last home, was our ability to entertain. 
This past year we created occasions to welcome friends and family into our abode!
Every year is a happy year. But this year was extra special.  

Here are some highlights:

You not only want to be around someone who makes life seem easier and more fun, but you also want to be one of those people for your partner. -Anonymous

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Tags said...

Can't believe it has been a year!!! The house looks great... wish I could just stop by. Funny you say that about being in the same room with "SG", as thoughts of the new house are causing me a bit of anxiety because Steve might be too far from me while hanging in the house.

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