Monday, March 18, 2013


song pairing: We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart

As I was recently browsing The Container Store for home office goodies, I stumbled upon Huggable Hangers. I have always had an interesting assortment of hangers in my closet. As I gazed at the continuity of hangers, I became motivated towards consistency in my own closet. So I bought a bunch and updated the wardrobe.

It's absolutely not necessary, but I am happy with the final product!

I remembered this before picture from a recent home shoot we had done by the lovely 

Cohesion makes me happy!


Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

I LOVE hugaable hangers and have been using them for years. You can also get them at places like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods for a VERY good price! It looks great!

Liz said...

Hooray! Great minds think alike!

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