Wednesday, March 27, 2013

celebrate friendship!

Let me introduce you to my favorite Raleigh friend, Virginia! I believe friendship is something to be celebrated. Virginia and I are kindred spirits. Here we are on her wedding day in Key West, 2010.

Friendship is like a plant, it grows when you water and nurture it. We make a conscious effort to carve out time together. Since I have two private practices and an active personal life...and she is a mom, in private practice herself with an active personal life...our schedules are not exactly parallel. Lately we have decided lunchtime is the best time. I cruise to her house...and she makes a delicious creation for us. We are both pescatarians, so our food choices are aligned. I admire her culinary abilities. Below are examples of our lunchtime fare:

It's all fresh and homemade. Looks professional to me! And tastes professional too! My favorite part about lunch is our conversation. We keep it positive. We are philosophical. We try to avoid talking about people...but instead we discuss ideas and happy thoughts. Her hubby joins us sometimes. He is an absolute doll. Their relationship is rock solid. I love that!
And the cherry on top is Virginia's bubbly little girl, Camillia!

Any time with this family is a gift to me!

How are you cultivating positivity in your life? 


Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

That's very sweet! I'm trying to let things go that I can't control and just focus on myself and my hubs and my friends. I, too, would like to get together more and carve out time. The "glorification of busy" should come to an end as life can be short. But life should also be enjoyed fully as well!

Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful! I am so happy that Virginia has such a kind and caring friend like you. Thank you.

Tags said...

Cute baby!!!

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