Saturday, February 9, 2013

valentine inspiration

song pairings: 
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
That's Amore by Dean Marton
Make You Feel My Love by Adele

Hello Loves! There is so much Valentine inspiration in the air. It's Love. Love is in the air! I am totally prepared. Southern gent's gifts arrived via mail yesterday. I was thoughtful. I usually pride myself on gift giving. I have struck out a time or two, but he doesn't judge. Like that time I bought him a Ben & Jerry's t-shirt and a pair of TOMS. If you know southern gent, that's not exactly his style. oops. If you are lacking inspiration like I apparently was that year...I have gathered some ideas for you! Take some time this week to show affection and verbalize how you feel. If you are not in a relationship...tell your family, closest friend, neighbor or colleague. If none of these apply....come see me, I am a therapist ; )

omg, heart shaped bacon. even a veg can appreciate
heart shaped ice cream sammies
decadent dessert ideas

the anatomy of looooove
papyrus. simple. always right on. 
cheezy printables, love these

thoughtful DIY gestures: 
heart balloons
felted fortune cookies 
valentine bunting mantle

gift ideas for her
this is fun. love anything with mrs. on it. 

gift ideas for him
these are cool too. razors, toothbrush...
i got this for southern gent a couple months back, now it's on sale!

four legged friends: 
seasonal collar love
a new fluffy bed

can you believe this mini soiree? gorgeous!
adult valentine making party, brilliant!

xo   If you approach every situation with love, you will certainly succeed   xo

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