Monday, February 25, 2013

champagne and cupcakes

Last evening I hostessed neighbor girls for Oscar Night! 
Here is a peek, before the gals arrived!

I made each swizzle stick with a cake pop base and starry garland. 
I simply wrapped the wired garland tightly around each stick. No glue. 
It made our drinks look a little dressier.
Why not dress your drink?

Cucumber water is my new favorite thing. It's simple to have on hand. 
{here} are some known benefits of cucumber h2o.
It makes you feel like you are at the spa, ladies!

Each of us guessed winners on these ballots.
It's fun to get the competitive fires going!


Lexie said...

The doggy tux is too much! Looks like a fun party!!

Liz said...

Little Marty always gets the award for best dressed ;)

Tags said...

Marty looked sooooo handsome!!! Love cucumber water!!!

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