Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Is anyone else swooning over this washi tape trend? I just love it. 
You can find all sorts of varieties on etsy, {here} 
It takes something boring and spices it up! 
I found mine at Michael's and each strip is a different pattern.  

Make a sign and attach some washi. 
Use it to close an envelope. 
Wrap a present with simple kraft paper and use as tape. 
The ideas are endless!

The other thing I did recently was to organize my holiday cards from 2012. 
I love each one more than the next. 
So I took a collection of them...punched a hole in the corners...and attached a ring. 
{I found this somewhere online...cannot locate the link, but wanted to share}

Voila! I plan to do this every we can glance back and watch families grow up!

I made one especially for the cards I have personally sent through the years, too. 

That first card was sent in 2003! 
Read about it {here}

I love to reflect on how my life has evolved

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Wishy Washi Tape said...

wow that is a neat way to keep track of kids growing up!

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