Friday, January 11, 2013

things I am currently adoring...

Check out these detoxing smoothies. I am allll over them. Five fantastic recipes to make you feel lighter and brighter.

How fun are these modern dog feeders...I am swooning over them but haven't yet pulled the trigger. 

Do you have a cute pet and a piece of modern furniture? If yes, this contest is perfect for you. 
Currently obsessed with faux sheepskin. sigh. 

I have been coveting cocktail trays and bar carts for some evidenced by my Pinterest board. I am currently creating mine. It's getting there. It needs something more. I plan to change it up often. 
Someone actually made a checklist! Very helpful. We don't drink much at home...but it's all set for entertaining. And can easily be transformed into a coffee, tea, juice station. So versatile. 

things I still want to add: 
maybe a bingo wheel?
a bold contrasting color?
candy dish? 

I would love feedback! 
Should I add or subtract anything?

Have a nice weekend xo


Anonymous said...

Let's get the party started!

Tiffany at Girlgonecoastal said...

I think that is soo cute. Maybe the only thing missing is.....ELECTRIC LEMONADE! :P

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