Wednesday, January 16, 2013

house guests


Southern gent and I have hosted a few overnight guests since we moved into our new home. We never hesitate and enjoy adding a few personal touches to make guests feel welcome. I think it makes a difference in their stay. Here are a few tips that I have used myself or have up my sleeve:

I like to greet guests with a welcome sign on our tabletop chalkboard. This one is super cute!

I sometimes leave a little bag of candy bedside. Gives them something to munch on late night.

There are always bouquets of flowers in both the guest room and bath. They not only add a nice pop of color but also add life to the room! Here is a cute vase to arrange them in!

It's always fun to have tunes. I bought this retro speaker. It's cute & cheap and works with any device. You simply plug into the headphone jack and get your groove on.

I like having a box of Table Topics on the dinette. It makes for some interesting conversations!

In an earlier post I talked about a cocktail tray. It's also nice to set up a breakfast tray. I love this post about it. And here is the tray to get you started.

The same blogger (love this blog) wrote this and this post about entertaining out-of-towners. Both are brilliant!

How fabulous is this tray for a guest room nightstand?

How fun would Bingo be on an off-night?

And last but not least, you must always send a thank you note. Or maybe they should send you one. Either way, here is a calligrapher who does gorgeous work!

::Let's face it, I'm probably not going to cook a big dinner for a guest::
My preference is to hit a favorite hot spot. 
But I can make each guest feel special through distinctive personal flavor.
::What is your favorite entertaining tip?::


Anonymous said...

As a recent houseguest stated about your hospitality, " it is like staying at the Ritz." You all know how to entertain !!!!!!

Tiffany at GirlGoneCoastal said...

I can admit to the cute and personal touches that you share. The one time I've been a guest at the Tatum hotel I was surprised with a cute welcome sign and jelly beans...oh and wine...don't forget the wine! :)
Hotel Tatum is THE place to say! PS: Thanks for posting about the chalkboard I have been looking ALL OVER for one and this one is PER-FECT-O!

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