Tuesday, January 1, 2013

farewell to 2012

Oh, what a year. It is so heartwarming to reflect on the events of 2012 
Here are some of the highlights through my lense

We commenced the year relaxing in Grand Cayman

I met southern gent in Denver early in the year...and felt a bit melancholy 

In February we buried a little Saint, and crossed our fingers

our house sold swiftly...and March 30 we moved into the home of our dreams

My mom, lil' bro & I participated in a flashmob. 
It was exhilarating and embarrassing...at the exact same time

Easter Love!

In May we threw a party for mom's 60th! 

frolicked at the beach with friends...

and spent a lovely evening in Pinehurst.

We had some very special new additions to the world this year:
Our nephew Asher and little Camillia

In July we celebrated our 2nd anniversary!! Love is so delicious. 

We rejoiced with a stint of indoor skydiving

August was full of fundraising fun

a couple more beach trips

made it to Ohio twice to see some fam

my birthday month was spent in Chicago and Charlotte
friends...cities...roller coasters. simply my favorite.  

Only a few concerts this year
elton john//crosby stills & nash//alan jackson//jimmy buffett

and a brand new office space, made-over

Speaking of makeovers...my bro and sis-in-law won the $10,000 kitchen makeover!

 gal pals kept me sane in

October was a birthday surprise for my man, helicopter style

and we dressed up for Halloween!

In October and November, grandparents were a focus

We lost southern gents grandmother, Esther
She was a classy woman. I am lucky to have known her.

In November I spent five days in Florida 
watching Papa fight for his life

He was restored to good health and moved to Raleigh with Gram
We are thrilled to have them close

December was the kidney transplant
a miracle of modern medicine
the ultimate bond

A very Merry Christmas 


Life is incredible. Love is profound.
I have so many thoughts from 2012 and even more entering 2013. 
Last year was joyful, painful, confusing and empowering...all at once. 
I found acceptance in some areas. And still search for meaning in others. 
I am a good friend. I want to be a great friend. 
I want to define and focus more on my inner circle of friends. 
I am a good therapist. I want to be a great therapist. 
I want to continue with the success of business, taking more risks. 
I want to be less rigid and more flexible. 
I want to learn more and maybe even teach. 
I want to drink more water and possibly start juicing.  
I want to write more, being honest and authentic. 

I want to grow every day. 

Thank you for reading my blog
::Lovely Life of Liz is my favorite hobby::


Tiffany said...

Thank you Liz! Not only for your inspiring and fun loving posts. All the way from how to make a messy hair bun but how to live you life in a fun and loving way. You inspire me more than you know and I'm thankful to call you my friend. :)
All the best for you in 2013! You deserve it all!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing

Tags said...

You are blessed... Hope that 2013 is even better!!!

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