Sunday, December 2, 2012

the kidney journey

Today we had a kidney donation party with our family! This shindig was dedicated to my fearless husband who will be donating a kidney to his dad on Tuesday. I am in awe of his unwavering dedication to this process. He has been steadfast and unyielding throughout the battery of tests that approved the donation.
When a parent raises a child well, their child often wonders how he/she could possibly return the devotion and sacrifice. Tuesday, Brian intends to do just that. He wants his dad to be healthy and is honored to help give him the gift...because his dad has gifted him his entire lifetime. 
//kidney gear//kidney bean chili//kids learned about the body//the guys!//kidney cake//
//m&m's//my hero//


Eve Cribbs, LCSW said...

Go Brian, Go!

Nice job on the kidney-filled festivities Liz!

Julie Livingston said...

So creative and fun Liz!! Much love to you all!! :)

Tags said...

They are both in my prayers!!! What could possibly be a better gift... having Brian as a son sure is. Much love!

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