Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the new space

Some would say 'A therapist's office only needs to contain a couch and a box of Kleenex.'  

Maybe that's true...but I think a reasonably styled room can positively influence the way we feel. 

I have been in practice for myself since 2010...working out of two very different offices. One space is in a suburban office building. The other is in the heart of downtown. Both were previously furnished, so I was able to walk in and start business. The suburban location has a southwest theme. The downtown spot has a 'yard sale/eclectic' feel. Both cool, but neither quite match my style.    

Recently, I transferred my downtown location to a new neighborhood. I reside in a two story, charming Victorian...down the street from universities and buzzing restaurants. I am sharing the space with a fabulous colleague of mine...and she happens to have impeccable taste. She supplied the furniture..and I went to work on paint, plants, throws, rug & accessories! I wish I would have taken more 'before' pictures. But this was all I captured. 

We changed the color to Whispering Wheat!

And since then...the space has been transformed! 

So many stories will be shared in this room. 
Tears, Laughter, Sorrow, Joy, Disappointment, Empowerment...just to list a few.  
I think we created a space of tasteful comfort. I want our clients to feel at home and at peace in the new digs. I do believe our surroundings dictate the way we feel. 

And this spot makes me feel like one happy camper


Tiffany said...

Looks so good! I would totally love to have therapy there. Good job Liz! So proud of you and all you're acomplishing. I know you are too!

Elizabeth said...

Liz the new space looks so good!!! :D

Liz said...

thank you thank you, ladies!! xo

Julie Livingston said...

looks great Liz! You have such great style :)

Tracy @nystoopmama said...

So cute! Love the patterned chairs. SO much better than my old therapist's office which was in her basement. With sticky leather couches. I need therapy to get over that therapy.

Liz said...


Tags said...

Love it!!!

Gina Beckwith said...

You are amazing! Loved this!

Liz said...

awwww! thank you Gina!! xo

Liz said...

Thank you Julie! I learned from the best!!

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