Thursday, September 27, 2012

a dad and his bike

Tomorrow my dad is embarking on quite the adventure. He is joining 1,089 cyclists on a 'Mountains to Coast' ride. We are so awe struck by the commitment and dedication he has placed in this undertaking. The route is below:

My mom will drive him to the mountains, where he will converge with the masses. He knows not a single soul participating in the feat.
So brave! 
From Saturday to Saturday...the collection of cyclists will ride daily, enjoying the views of the countryside. At night, he's opted to camp (I bet he will sleep like a rock). The information speaks of an evening community with dinners and live music.  

Please think about my dad next week. We are so proud of his ability to live a dream. He has worked incredibly hard to condition himself for the week ahead. He has lost 50 pounds in training and his allegiance is a true inspiration. We love you dad!


Tiffany said...

So amazing Liz! I'll be thinking about Mr. E on his awesome journey!

Liz said...

thank you Tiff! I need an update on your work stuff! I'm curious :D

Tags said...

Hope you are killing it Gale!!! By the way, you are looking hot! Ha! So cool...

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