Sunday, August 19, 2012

thank you for weekends!

Before the weekend started, I felt overwhelmed. I wasn't sure how I would get through everything on the agenda. Though it was all fun stuff, there was a wee part of me that wanted to cancel something. Just one thing. But that thought quickly dissolved. Instead I decided to be present, not worry & simply enjoy myself. I'm so glad I did.

Here it is Sunday evening...and I am reflecting on a wonderful few days that are now behind me.

1. Thursday we savored a little Dralion! Cirque never disappoints, aahhhmazing. We spent the evening with some new friends...yay for new friends! Southern gent and I both did cartwheels in the parking lot!
2. An evening delighting in Alan Jackson LIVE! with my parents! I love a good lawn seat!
3. Neighborhood girls night! It has been a dream to have such fabulous neighbors!
4. Sunday, we hosted a little brunch at our home. The maple bacon marshmallows were a hit! Candied bacon and all :)


Tags said...

Cancellations are bad! So glad you didn't weak out!!! Wish I got to have that great weekend with you. We are going to in less than 2 weeks!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm working hard on trying to be present too! Good for you for going through with all your plans. In the end - I'm sure you enjoyed every minute. <3

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