Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to meeee

Hip Hip Hooray! Lovely Life of Liz celebrates 1 year in the blog world!

What an awesome year it has been. 
177 posts later, I feel proud of this space and the creativity it has evoked
pictures, stories, adventures, inspiration, life
20,000 of you have taken a glimpse at my blog, wow

In my next year I want to do more, write more, explore more
I want to be sillier, more fearless, take more risks

Here are my top 10 most popular posts from my first year...

1. heaven is for real

This list tells me that my readers enjoy real-life, sometimes inspiring, tales. I will write more of these in my second year!

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Thank you for all the warm feedback in my first year...this blog (and you!) have provided me with a space to clear my mind and focus on the joy that fills this life. Anne Frank said it well...she chose happiness despite a bit of struggle. We should too :)


Tiffany said...

Happy Blog-aversary! How exciting. You inspire me every day Lizzie!

Your Mom said...

I am SOOOO proud of you !

Tags said...

I am sure, I speak for all your followers when I say that you make all of our days a bit brighter :). Keep it up! No pressure... Ha! Happy Blogiversary!!! Love you!

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