Monday, July 16, 2012

summer in full swing

It absolutely feels like summer has arrived. I found this Summer Bucket List. It is perched on our fridge...waiting to be completed. I have checked off several activities, and even added a few in my mind. 

Here are a couple highlights of what I have been up to in the last 2 weeks...


 Emily got her ears pierced! You couldn't see the dazzlers in this picture, so I blew them up.
It was a big deal. She was so brave!

An afternoon with Asher, our newest nephew! A peaceful little being. So easy to love!

A terrific day with Kenzie Grace and toddler Tate! Such happy little bundles!

Crosby, Stills & Nash with my mama
dancing, laughter, tears
Tour schedule {here}

Blues Traveler/Barenaked Ladies show with my southern gent!

Munching on many mouth-watering salads

Discovered a new restaurant in the city {here}


Drag Show Bingo! {here}

*Lynn's grandma shower*

& my best little buddy of all


Tiffany said...

The pic of you and Marty is so adorable and just screams "summertime"!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THAT SUMMER BUCKET LIST!!! All those activities are sooo wonderfully summertime! Also, when did you see CSN? You never mentioned seeing one of my favorite bands... that I know of???

Tags said...

Whoops! That was me that left the last post. Forgot to put my name in...

Liz said...

Thank you TIFF! Marty takes a good picture :D
Saw CSN on July 8! I don't think I told you TAGS...let's chat about it soon! xo

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