Tuesday, July 3, 2012

paying it forward

Hi guys! I am in shock that it is already July 3. Such a cliche...but...where has the time gone? Remember when we were just moving in and neighbors were being so welcoming and wonderful? Yep, they were fantastic. Since we have moved in, several families have joined the block...and I am determined to continue that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood vibe. I always lean toward the uncommon things...I can never just do what everyone else does. I like to steer clear of the usual traditions. In our old hood', a single man moved in down the street...and we brought him a pint of ice cream. Fun, right?
So in an effort to carry on unique welcomes, I visited a local business Midtown Olive Press. omgoodness...this place is ambrosial. Flavored olive oils galore. Oh and balsamics too. Exclusive kitchen items, aprons, hand towels made in France. They fill bottles for you. So fresh and delightful. They sell bread, delivered the same day. The little shop is just a treat. So I paid it forward and bought a couple bottles of their best-selling herb oil. They say it's great to dip bread..drizzle on pasta..saute..or atop a salad. Southern gent and I plan to grow old with our neighbors, we want to be good to them from the start!

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Mel said...

Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold! Treat 'em right and never take them for granted. You're off to a good start Liz!

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